Total Supply 125,000,000 ATH

Pre-Sale 10-05-20185,000,000 ATH
0.05 $
Round 1 24-05-201812,000,000 ATH
0.11 $
Round 2 07-06-201811,000,000 ATH
0.12 $
Round 3 21-06-201810,000,000 ATH
0.13 $
Round 4 30-06-20189,000,000 ATH
0.14 $
Round 5 09-07-20183,000,000 ATH
0.15 $

Referral Program

Referral Bonus 10%
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When a friend sign-up using your referral link, you get 10% of ATH tokens they buy.
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Idea development

OCT 2017

Research to ensure the idea application

NOV 2017

ICO's system development

DEC 2017

Completion of White Paper

APR 2018

Sale opening of ICO to get the fund to establish as well as develop the product

MAY 2018

Listing Token ATH on Coinmarketcap and external exchange with targeted price of 2x – 6x

Q3 2018

Product development with basic features on the Android or iOS platforms

Q4 2018

Product development with advanced features, integrated billing on Blockchain platform using ATH tokens

Q1 2019

Campaign to co-operate, partner with authors, content publishers, writers

Q2 2019

Campaign to engage Authored products and services

Q3 2019

Contract Source Code

Management Team

San Tran

Founder & CEO

Tam Mac

Project Manager

Van Pham

Community Manager